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The Tommie Network Pipeline

The Tommie Network is growing every day, and with our brilliant students, one of this year's graduates might be your next co-worker. Inspired by the Catholic intellectual tradition, we push our students to think critically and teach them the hard skills they need to be workforce ready. But we still need your help to make the Tommie Network even better.

More than half of our students cite a recommendation from a trusted adult as the most influential factor in choosing to attend St. Thomas. This makes our alumni our most valuable resource when finding the next generation of Tommies.

Quick Facts

of students receive merit-based scholarships
of top public companies in Minnesota actively recruit St. Thomas students
of Tommies are employed or in grad school within six months of graduation
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Do you know someone who should try purple on?

The Power and Possibilities of Purple

To us (including you!), purple is more than a color. It’s the soul of our school. It’s the passion of the people. It’s the dedication and curiosity of our students and their diverse points of view. It’s possibilities.

If you know someone who should try on purple, please share your experiences with them, along with this helpful prospective student brochure. Roll Toms!

Show Them What It's All About

We Are Tommies

College is a lot of things. A time to meet new people and try new things. An opportunity to see the world. A start to your career. And you’ll find all of that at St. Thomas - allow us to introduce ourselves.

Affordable. Accessible.

You've probably heard that St. Thomas is "too expensive" for most students and families, but did you know that 97% of our students receive merit-based scholarships? In fact, after factoring in financial aid awards, St. Thomas tuition is comparable to other Twin Cities schools and ranks in the top 100 "Best Value" schools in the entire country.