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Network and Mentoring

Learning to connect with, contribute to and collaborate within a community of peers is an essential skill for future success. The support you receive from – and give to – others is a powerful advantage.

St. Thomas Connect is an exclusive opportunity for Tommie alumni and students who are ready to get started on this journey. This free online tool is ready for you today. You can opt for one-time connections or consider a longer-term mentorship. It’s up to you! Click below to get started.



Participate in St. Thomas Connect to gain exclusive access to alumni who are ready to network and support other Tommies professionally at all career stages. You can indicate in your profile what kind of connections you are ready to make, whether one-time networking connections or longer-term mentorships with alumni and/or students. Make a connection to give back or learn something new. Alumni at all career stages are needed!

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Join St. Thomas Connect to gain exclusive access to alumni who are eager to help you with career questions and job development. You have the option to make a one-time connection or to invest in a longer-term mentorship with hundreds of Tommies. From these connections, discover networking and employment opportunities, advice and guidance about careers and industries, and help with internship, job and graduate-school applications.

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Have You Joined St. Thomas Connect?

St. Thomas Connect is an online community exclusive to Tommie alumni, students, faculty, and staff. Tommies can network and participate in mentorship with other Tommies who have raised a hand to help.

St. Thomas Connect

Mentor-Mentee Stories

Every year hundreds of Tommies get to connect with eachother through our online mentorship program Tommie Connect. Whether it's a short or long-term mentorship, our alumni make a huge impact on their mentees. Here are just a few stories about why mentoring a current student could change their life:
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