Buffy Smith, Dean of Dougherty Family College, listens to colleagues at a DFC event

Alumni Surveys

We're Listening and Responding

We value thoughts and feedback from our alumni network. Each year we conduct surveys that help us understand how to improve and enhance our programs and resources to support a stronger university, alumni network and community.

From graduates in the past year

First Destination Survey Insights

Tommies employed or in graduate school within one year of graduation
Had internship while at St. Thomas
Of those continuing their education, percentage going to graduate school for health services or medicine

Surveys consistently tell us that career success is supported by and enhanced by relationships afforded by the Tommie Network. Active advocates build the Tommie Network!

From alumni who graduated 5 and 10 years ago

National Alumni Career Mobility Survey Insights

Exceeded peer and national ratings for being prepared to begin a career upon graduation
Satisfied with their current career
Exceeded peer and national ratings for understanding career opportunties while a student

More About Our Surveys

First Destination Survey

After commencement ceremonies, we invite our graduates to share about their post-graduation plans. St. Thomas partners with the Career Leadership Collective to administer the First Destination Survey. Responses help us shape our services and resources so we can better prepare and support student and graduate career success from first jobs through retirement.


National Alumni Career Mobility Survey

This is an annual, national survey for U.S. colleges and universities on alumni career mobility at the post-graduation five- and 10-year mark. NACM seeks feedback about educational satisfaction, career pathways, career satisfaction, economic mobility and community engagement. St. Thomas uses this feedback to improve experiences for current and future Tommies.