Professor Bob Connor listens in on a student discussion during a Health Care MBA class June 2, 2016.

Alumni Surveys: We're Listening

Every year St. Thomas reaches out to alumni to get their perspective.  Sometimes we ask about how St. Thomas prepared you for your career.  Other times we ask about philanthropy or programs we could develop that would help you personally and professionally. Insights from the survey have resulted in actions, for example:

  • Improved career development services, especially for younger alumni
  • Changes in the content that we provide to all alumni
  • Revisions to the channels we use to communicate: email, social media or print

Which Survey?

This year, we are sending out two separate surveys.  Each alumna/alumnus will be asked to only complete one. Both surveys are described below.

Watch for an invitation to take the survey from Ashley Bailey-Chang, the president of the University of St. Thomas Alumni Board. 

We appreciate your help in completing these surveys before Dec. 31, 2020.

Classes of 2010 and 2015: Career Mobility Survey

Alumni who earned their bachelor's degrees in 2010 or 2015 will receive a survey from the Career Leadership Collective called the National Alumni Career Mobility (NACM) survey. The results of this 10-minute survey will be compared to other institutions and provide insights about your unique career path so we can improve how St. Thomas prepares graduates for their future.

The survey is an opportunity for you to share what you have been up to since graduating from St. Thomas, how specific experiences have shaped your career, your success, your community engagement, and your level of satisfaction with your career path.

Take the NACM Survey

All Other Alumni: Alumni Attitude Survey

All other alumni will receive a survey that asks for your perspective on the direction of the university as we consider our 10-year plan.

From its beginning, the University of St. Thomas has been on a journey to educate and inspire future innovators and problem-solvers. As we move into the future, this survey will collect alumni attitudes about our current trajectory on a variety of topics:  mission, workplace-readiness, sustainability, DEI, athletics, etc.

Each alumna/alumnus has a unique vantage point, based on your time at St. Thomas, and how the university has moved forward since your graduation.  We look forward to your perspective!

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